The cat owner attached a little camera to his pet and captured the most amusing footage… Watch the cat’s hidden life in the video below…

Have you ever questioned yourself what your cat does while you’re not around?

Vlogger Who Is Half-Asleep Chris was eager to see how his two cats, Ralph and Bella, fared during a 24-hour period. So, he sewed a small camera to Ralph’s collar in an attempt to find out where he was hiding.

“Perhaps, by placing a camera on Ralph himself, we’ll be able to discover more about his top-secret cat business, as well as what he gets up to at night or when he’s alone, after GPS monitoring him and shooting him with covert night-vision cameras,” Chris says. I film him consuming, napping, playing with Bella, and interacting with her. ”

He was particularly interested in Ralph and Bella’s relationship since they had just did meet when Chris and his girlfriend decided to move in together.

Bella, who is 12 years old, has never lived with another cat. She is quiet and has the whole house to herself.

Ralph, on the other hand, is only two years old and full of energy. He used to be able to go outside, but safety concerns have made that no longer possible.

This movie depicts the daily life of an indoor cat as well as what cats do while you are not around.

Do the two cats get into a lot of trouble when they’re left alone? Are they great friends, or do they fight like cats and dogs?

There is some advertising going on. Aside from the little camera, I believe it’s interesting to see since you get direct video of cats’ intimate activities.

Watch the video to learn about Ralph and Bella’s hidden life: