Old woman couldn’t find her beloved dog! Here is what had happened!

One of the saddest things that could happen to a dog owner is when their lovely pet to disappear without a sign.

That’s exactly what occurred to a 93-year-old English woman whose dog had been absent for two days. The nice lady informed authorities that she had not seen “Toby” in 2 days and was concerned.

A police officer was dispatched to the woman’s residence to do a welfare check and check around. While the officer was conversing with the lady, she stepped went to grab something that had fallen to the ground. The officer decided to check below the old citizen’s recliner at that precise time and noticed a hairy face peering back at her. It was Toby!

The small dog was caught beneath the couch and didn’t let out a bark the entire time. He was luckily in high spirits and healthy, save from being hungry and thirsty. The police helped the small fellow out of his plight by giving him food and drink. The officer recognized that dogs are family members.

“Both Toby and his mom looked to be overjoyed to be reunited, and it was a big joy for the woman,” the officer said in a statement from SWNS. Her relatives, friends, and neighbors had all gone out looking for Toby, but she was growing increasingly concerned as time passed, assuming he had escaped and feared the worst.”

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Old woman couldn’t find her beloved dog! Here is what had happened!
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