French Bulldog and police horse meet each other and become friends! Watch their amazing video below!

Dogs are, in general, well-behaved and sociable creatures. They are great animals and provide us unconditional devotion and big love.

When you have a dog at your side, you will never feel completely alone. And, fortunately for us, their joy and compassion rub off on everyone as we take them out and about.

People and other animals are drawn to our dogs because of the pleasant energy they generate. And that’s exactly what occurred to a small French Bulldog as she walked through the streets of New York, where she found an unexpected buddy.

And it is always fascinating to witness what occurs when totally unrelated creatures of different species, who have nothing in common, wind up fighting and encountering each other.

When the cute puppy first sees the horse, he is unsure what to do, but after smelling, he quickly discovers that he has nothing to fear.

In reality, he made every effort to begin playing with the horse, which was still mild. The horse was befriended by the little dog! Working horses, on the whole, are not motivated to socialize. They are usually kept away from the general people. This small puppy, on the other hand, will not go without saying hello!

And it appears  that the feeling is reciprocal as the tiny dog tugs his leash closer to the huge. When the two creatures exchanged a sweet little snick as they welcomed one other, onlookers took out their cameras.

It’s evident that the two are excited to get to know one another and are absolutely charming. In the video below, you can see their priceless interaction: