A devastated man who has lost his pet, goes to an animal shelter and adopts every dog that no one else wants

Steve Creigs  was burst into tears when his dog passed away. His life will never be the same without him, and the thought of moving on without his companion and pal was nearly terrible.

Steve got into his car one day, overcome with grief, and went directly to his local rescue shelter. After some consideration, he decided to acquire another dog. When Steve arrived to the shelter, he made an unusual request: he asked for a dog that no one else liked.

Eeyore, a 12-year-old Chihuahua with 4 poor hips and a heart murmur, was soon given to him by staff members.

Despite Eeyore’s deteriorating condition, Steve was keen about adoption, and Eeyore was immediately adopted into the family. Steve, however, was not finished yet, and he came back to the shelter with the same request. Staff members were shocked.

Steve was up surrounded by a wide range of animals, all of which he enjoyed. Steve’s passion of dogs appears to have been passed down from his parents. After Eeyore, he continued to help animals in need.

The shelter, eager to assist, proceeded to introduce Steve to more canines, eventually joining Eeyore in the Creig family.

Steve somehow went on to take in nine lonely elderly pets, as well as a rabbit, chicken, and pig.

Steve claims that elderly dogs are “wiser creatures,” which explains why he has a special place for them. He has said:

“Once you reach a certain age, you know what you want out of life.” These canines are aware of who they are, and it is simple to form a bond with someone or a pet who is aware of who they are. I had a lot of pets as a kid. My parents were both animal lovers, and they would almost always give me everything I wish as long as I could care for it.”

Steve also owns a rabbit, a chicken, and a pig, all of whom he shares their daily life with his one million+ Instagram followers.

As you may expect, his daily schedule is pretty crazy!

He starts his day by getting up at 5 a.m. and cooking breakfast for all of his companions, which number 10 (dogs) and each of them follows a distinct diet.

He brings the pets to the vet and other appointments on weekends.

So, despite the challenges of looking after 13 animals (some of them have major health concerns), Steve certainly has the necessary experience to care for his huge family, called the “Wolfgang.” Steve is a fantastic supporter for elderly dogs, both in terms of adoption and in terms of spreading the message that they require care and make wonderful companions. People like Steve help to make the world a better place.

We wish Steve and his lovely animals happy life and a lot of fun!

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A devastated man who has lost his pet, goes to an animal shelter and adopts every dog that no one else wants
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