Funny video of two horses who are afraid to cross the road because of the rabbit

Animal world is amazing. Everyday we observe a lot of fun and interesting things in animal world.  Whenever we assumed something like this couldn’t happen, we were surprised to see it happen. Horses, for example, are one of the greatest companion animals, second only to dogs. This is due to the fact that horses have nearly identical emotional responses as humans. The difference is that people are selfish and require many things, but horses merely require their own time.

Animals may sometimes give us life lessons, as seen in viral video illustrates. Two horses can be seen in this video, and they are waiting for something, but what is it?

In the centre of the road there is sitting a small rabbit. Humans would bother the rabbit crossing the street if there were any, but the horses patiently wait for the bunny to cross the road.

This appears to be a typical video, but when viewed through the lens of humanities, it becomes clear that it is far from ordinary. In today’s world, when there is no chance to discuss to anybody, horses would wait for a long time simply because a rabbit is resting on the side of the road.

This demonstrates how animals are progressing faster than humans in the human race. This isn’t just a video, either. There are several instances available.

The issue now is, if a horse could wait, why can’t we? The simplest explanation is that horses are unaffected by the outside environment. Everything in their lives is merely an emotional attachment for them. Many horses like playing with their masters, while others are content when they are with their families.

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Funny video of two horses who are afraid to cross the road because of the rabbit
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