Puppy was finally reunited with his owner after being lost under the ruins

We know that there is a conflict in Ukraine and many people and animals have been affected badly by it . Despite the difficulties, many individuals keep on going to ensure the survival of themselves and their family members. This includes their canine companions.

A 77-year-old man and his pet survived a recent shelling by a hair’s breadth. However, because the little puppy was unable to be seen, the man originally assumed the worst. However, Ukraine police officers were eager to find the missing puppy, and they were successful in informing the owner of the great news!

The man and his pet were found in the Donetsk Oblast village of Mykhailivka. Both the man and the puppy were harmed by a shelling in the village. Although the individual was injured, he is fortunate to have lived. However, he first had no idea where his dog was.

While exploring the ruins, Donetsk Regional Police kept a look out for the puppy. They heard a screaming sound inside a mound of ruins while searching, so they knew the dog was still there somewhere.

“The old gentleman wished to see beloved companion. However, officers did not lose their hope of rescuing him since “there was a scream — they felt that the dog was still alive,” according to Donetsk Regional Police. “Police and rescue workers worked with each other to discover the dog and pull him from the ruins.”

A video of the heroic rescue went viral on the internet. Rescuers can be seen digging  deep into the wreckage and hauling out a little, dust-coated dog. The dog appears unwell and perplexed, and he is promptly returned to his owner.

Shortly after, both the guy and his puppy got medical treatment, and they are both doing OK. What they had to go through was harrowing, but they have each other to lean on during these trying times. Many Ukrainians have found it hard to protect their pets during the situation, but some, like this man, are willing to go to any length to keep his dogs.

“Everyone’s life is significant” the police officer declared. “A 77-year-old man was badly harmed in the shelling of Mykhailivka Village recently. His dog was buried under rocks and soil, and he miraculously survived.”

The officers that rescued this dog are deserving of a lot of praise. In the footage, the puppy is small and appears to be trying to stay alive. So, in the end, it was the officers’ prompt efforts that saved this tiny creature’s life!

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Puppy was finally reunited with his owner after being lost under the ruins
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