When volunteers found this pony, they thought he wasn’t alive

No one could have anticipated the spectacle that greeted the volunteers of the British Horse Society when they arrived at a construction site in East Durham, England.

Heidi, a pony seemed not to be alive. in the middle of filth, where he was discovered. However, after seeing her breathing, the volunteers recognized they’d come upon one of the worst examples of treatment.

“The decision was taken to give her an opportunity,” stated a representative for Here 4 Horses Equine Charity. “It took 5 people to bring her to her feet.”

Heidi’s miraculous recovery journey was then captured in a series of films that show what a warrior she was. Let’s have a look at Heidi’s incredible recovery in the video below, which will make you cry.

Heidi was discovered in the most awful condition, according to Wendy, the horse care and education specialist who founded the organisation.

“When rescuers arrived, they were met by a plonker guy who had been sent by the owner to remove her body,” she explained, adding, “Whether he believed she wasn’t alive anymore.”

The rescue team, on the other hand, decided to give the small pony a chance to live.

Heidi was in bad condition, wasn’t able to stand or move. “We coped with her considerable tiredness and a low blood protein level that a plasma transfusion was necessary in the early days,” Wendy said. It took the pony more than 5 weeks to be capable of standing on her own.

Heidi was put on a plasma transfusion drip after a blood test revealed she was underweight. Healthy horses contributed many liters of blood.

The pony had to carry thick dressings during the therapy, and the Here4Horses crew “had to get creative, turning numerous pairs of leggings into shorts to help protect her pressure sores from worsening.”

But it wasn’t a smooth and simple journey. “Too many wounds, parasites, and illnesses were allowed to take hold, and it took months or even years to get Heidi well enough to run and play in our meadows,” Wendy explained. Heidi has a fiery personality, which the team feels was crucial to her rehabilitation.

The pony’s long journey to recovery began after she received medical care.

Fortunately, the scars started to heal.

Heidi began to seem healthier after a long period.

She gained her weight after some time.

Heidi’s bubbly personality and gleaming hair were all over the place!

Luckily, Heidi is feeling better and can enjoy his life! Big thanks to that people who rescued and helped him in his hard recovery journey.

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When volunteers found this pony, they thought he wasn’t alive
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