Family didn’t want to adopt a rescue Pit bull but after this incident they have changed their mind

Astro is a courageous dog from Texas. The family that welcomed him, didn’t know how long they’d have him, but Astro will be with them for the rest of his life thanks to a heroic heroic act.

When one of his family members experienced a medical emergency and no one else was around to assist, Astro stepped in. Astro dashed over to a neighboring house and tried to explain neighbours somehow that he needs some help.

Astro has never received any particular training in order to inform neighbors if a family member was in difficulty. Something in him must have instinctively sensed what he’d do. The individual was rescued when a neighbor called 911 and medical professionals were sent out. Astro is said to have saved their lives.

The family has kept the identity of the member of the family who had a medical issue a secret, but the family claims the individual is healthy and healing.

Astro looks to be a really devoted dog. As they were getting hauled away, he even attempted to jump into the ambulance with his beloved owner.

“It is obvious that the dog tried to hop into the ambulance as he wanted to be with owner; firemen had to put him into a car for family members  and to pick him up” said Enrique Duenas-Aguilar, an EPFD representative.

This dog is a hero, a hero who saves lives.

Astro’s family didn’t know how long they were going to keep him at their house.
Astro’s owner, Bertha Martinez, admitted that she is afraid of Pitbulls and was concerned about adopting him.

Martinez stated, “We never believed he’d do anything like that.” “I’ve always been afraid of Pitbulls, and we didn’t know how long we would hold him  because he was going to grow up,” she explained.

Astro, on the other hand, saved Bertha’s son. The family could no longer take parting with him.

“If you care and love him, he will never injure hurt you” Martinez explained.

This incident, according to the temporary director of El Paso Animal Services, is a wonderful illustration of why you shouldn’t stereotype dogs based on their breed.

Herrera explained, “Not only was he a buddy, but he was there to assist when his owner was in a trouble and in need.

“He is a wonderful example that pit bulls are very kind, caring and loving dogs, too,” Herrera stated. “Astro is certainly a Pitbull, and it is one of the most common breeds you see in many kennels.”

Astro’s family has stated that he is now permanently residing with them. Astro received not just a medal for his efforts, but also a little dog cake to commemorate his selfless act! He has definitely deserved it! The term “good lad” has never been more aptly applied.

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Family didn’t want to adopt a rescue Pit bull but after this incident they have changed their mind
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