An old horse defies the odds by giving birth to identical twins after 18 months of giving birth to her first twins

A 19-year-old horse surpassed all expectations after giving birth to her second pair of twins 18 months after her first twins.

Giving birth to twins in a horse’s lifespan, let alone twice in a succession, is a very unusual occurrence. Destiny, on the other hand, overcame the one-in-a-million chances, shocking everyone, even her owner.

When Destiny gave birth to twins in 2018, Tania MacKee, owner of Gassons Farm Stud in Exeter, was taken aback. So you can guess how she must have felt when the horse gave birth to twins 18 months later, despite the fact that scans revealed just one kid during the pregnancy.

Even though the first ponies are similar, the second pair differ significantly, yet they are both charming.

The pleased horse breeder shared the amazing news with the rest of the globe!

“Once again, our lovely mare Destiny has produced the ideal pair of foals! “she wrote on her social media page . Both Destiny and her 2 foals are up and about, enjoying their meal, with the two babies racing around the barn and investigating their surroundings. Only one baby was detected. There was never any question that anything was wrong with her during her pregnancy. ”

Both ponies are in excellent shape, which can only make Tania feel happy and appreciative. She is, however, still looking for an explanation for the incredibly unusual occurrence.

“It’s unexpected. She explained, “I’ve been breeding for a long time and have never seen anything like this.” They are powerful, healthy foals. They’re quite strong. ”

The cute twins, who have yet to be named, live with their elder brothers Shockwave and Masta Blasta on the farm.