A guy thought he had betrayed a dog by leaving him, not realizing he had really saved his life

When we saw adorable pets left at the entrance, it broke our hearts. However, knowing that angels are prepared to try their best to aid these unhappy animals, even if it is not still the most pleasant thing to do, is occasionally heartwarming.

The two canines had been without a home for almost two years and are now being cared for by a caring guy. His nasty neighbor informed him that he intended to steal the dogs and sell the puppies. The wonderful man didn’t want to let them go, but he understood they were in a dangerous situation, so he contacted Hope For Paws for assistance.

When the rescue crew came, the female dog met them with a polite greeting and readily took their reward. The male one, on the other hand, was a little cautious and frightened. He didn’t attack the rescuers, but he did keep his distance.

“I promised you I would assist you,” the man who contacted them said gently as he approached the dog to pet it. I won’t be able to assist you because they will. Please accept my apologies.” And he began to cry. He genuinely cared for the dogs, but there was nothing he could do except let them go. He felt like he’d “betrayed” them. “It makes me feel terrible, as if I’ve won his confidence and now I’m repaying it.”

It took a very long time for the rescuers to be able to calm the dogs and return them to the shelter. They gave the boy the name George and the girl the name Irene. Irene has always been a strong supporter of George, even when he was still timid.

George had bone cancer, and happily, they were able to save his life through surgery. It was awful that one of the dog’s legs was permanently removed, but the dog was brave. Both were in good health and looking forward to a new beginning.

The child who phoned for aid had a big heart; he tried everything he could to help the dogs and, in the end, he was able to give them a better life. He believed he’d done something bad, but he didn’t understand he’d given them a second opportunity to live a safe and happy life. He came to their rescue several times. 

You can watch the heartwarming video below!

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A guy thought he had betrayed a dog by leaving him, not realizing he had really saved his life
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