The video of dogs’ nighttime routine has gone viral!

For the world, Shadow and Lupa would not miss their daily rendezvous. These two female canines are great buddies who meet every evening for a comical and heartwarming ritual.

Friendship is something dogs understand very well. It’s easy to see this just by observing Shadow and Lupa’s moods when they meet again.

According to Daily Paws, a video of their delightful mini daily ritual became viral when it was shared on TikTok.

Shadow and Lupa are two cute dogs that admire each other despite the fact that they are not related. In fact, the owners of these dogs live next door to each other.

Shadow comes from a shelter, as the name of his devoted TikTok account indicates. Lupa is a female Siberian Husky that lives across the hall from her owner.

Every night, two best friends come together and share a minute of fun and play. Shadow’s mistress took a video of one of the meetings and put it on TikTok, where it has been seen by a lot of people.

The dog in the black clothes is seen at first becoming irritated as her owner talks to her through the door of her home.

“Would you like to visit Lupa, Shadow?” She inquires about him. Then she opens the door for him, and the dog sprints to the other door.

Lupa emerges from her home and stands in front of her owner. The two female dogs aren’t wasting any time. They accelerate to full speed and charge into Shadow’s apartment, pushing everyone in their way, including the hostess.

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The video of dogs’ nighttime routine has gone viral!
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