A wild horse thanks his saviour for releasing him from chains in a special way

A wild horse whose legs were shackled, causing harm to his body and maybe injuring him, was in need of assistance when veterinarian Olvidio Rosu discovered him. The horse appeared to be sorrowful, unable to move around easily or even walk. Even if it is normal in Romania to chain horses, the sight was unpleasant.

Olvidiu Rosu, who worked with 4 paws, then went back to work with his tools, broke the bonds without harming the horse.

When he was eventually able to free the horse by removing the bonds, his face brightened up. Fortunately, the horse was not stuck for long, and the veterinarian was able to treat his skin, and he was fine.

The horse expressed his thanks to Olvidio Rosu for his assistance and treatment. When the guy managed to free him, the horse was in a good shape.

Also, seeing the horse appreciate his sudden independence is also satisfying.

Here is a video where you can watch the horse and the guy happy, and we must also grasp the importance of helping animals and people in need.