A wild horse came to say his final goodbye to his owner, who helped him years ago

Some creatures are so persistent and stubborn that it takes a certain kind of human to come along and break through.

After some kindness and support, the same creature can become your beloved one. The story, about which we are going to talk, shows a strong attachment between a man and a horse that continued till the end.

Janna Grapperhause, a West Virginia-based midwife, tells the story. She remembers her father taking Major, a young and ferocious horse.

Major’s problem was that he was still untamed since his previous owners had failed to break him. They be.a.t  him with whips and tied him to a post for four weeks without giving him anything to eat or drink.

Major bit and struck everybody within range when he was brought home, and he rushed through five dimensions of fence within minutes of arrival.

Janna’s father, on the other hand, preferred to win the horse’s confidence rather than break it in. Janna’s mother was against it, believing that the horse would harm him, and dubbed the horse ‘Major Deal.’

Her father spent many hours with the horse in order to gain his confidence. He earned the horse’s confidence after two years of hard work, commitment, and patience. Major believed in him and let him ride.

Finally, the wild horse was tamed, and a wonderful connection evolved between the animal and man. When Janna’s father went out, Major would repeatedly lick his head, according to Janna.

Janna’s father unfortunately passed away recently. Everyone is saddened by his loss. Major also arrived and kissed the last kiss farewell.

This beautiful story demonstrates the power of care and affection in making a significant difference in an animal’s life.

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A wild horse came to say his final goodbye to his owner, who helped him years ago
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