A devoted stray dog waits outside the hotel for the flight attendant with whom he has fallen in love. The flight attendant has no choice but…

A flight attendant’s life consists of frequent movement from one destination to another. Flight attendants spend lots of time on their feet as well, so you can imagine their joy when they are between flights. Many flight attendants entail staying in a hotel upon their arrival.

At one of the hotels where one flight attendant slept, she made a lifetime friend.

Olivia Sievers meets a new acquaintance.

Olivia Sievers is a flight attendant with Lufthansa and is originally from Germany. She frequently had to stop at Buenos Ares, Argentina, as part of her job. She remained at the same hotel every time she went there.

Sievers, a dog enthusiast, wanted to help a stray puppy she encountered near her hotel after she saw her. She came to a halt and fed the dog without giving it any thought. She went about her life, naming the puppy Rubio, without thinking twice about it. Rubio, it seems, had other ideas.

Rubio had fallen in love with Sievers, unknown to her. He started waiting outside the hotel for Sievers to return. He would roll over for her every time he spotted her when she returned, asking for a belly massage. Sievers sought to avoid Rubio, fearful that he was growing too attached to her.

In an interview, Sievers claimed, “I attempted to modify my route because I didn’t want him to follow me back to the hotel.” However, it was impossible. He always returned and pursued me. I tried for an hour, but he was continually looking at me and following me. He was overjoyed that someone was paying attention to him.

Rubio would constantly be on the lookout for her.

Sievers eventually realized that Rubio was not going anywhere. She started feeding him whenever she was at a hotel, and she even began putting him in an airplane cover to keep him warm and cozy,

In a video, Sievers claimed, “He waited 3 months and came to the hotel every day.” “I initially saw him in February , then I looked for him and met him in April for two days, but I couldn’t obtain a trip to BA until July.” According to the hotel personnel, “He has been coming every day since April to look for me.”

Sievers contacted a local animal sanctuary, which agreed to take Rubio in because he was in danger. Rubio, however, fled the refuge and returned to the hotel to await her return. Sievers came to the conclusion that the only option was to adopt him at this time.

Rubio was soon on his way to Sievers’ house in Germany to start a new life.

Rubio adjusted easily to his new existence in a distant country. What was there not to adore? He got to spend his days with his new puppy brother, Enzo, in the Sievers’ garden. When his mother was at home, he got to see her.

Sievers had no idea that a fortuitous encounter would impact her life so significantly. Rubio’s life was also transformed. He moved from a difficult childhood on the streets to a loving household with all he could possibly desire.

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A devoted stray dog waits outside the hotel for the flight attendant with whom he has fallen in love. The flight attendant has no choice but…
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