Dad “attacks” his little girl and faithful German Shepherd to see how the dog reacts

Dogs are very defensive of anyone in their family, even the people that adopt them. Some dogs, like German shepherds, are great guard dogs and can keep kids and other family members safe.

This is excellently proven in a video of a father putting the family German shepherd to the test when it comes to guarding his child.

At first glance, the video appears to be quiet.

The father in the video glances inside a car with his daughter in the front seat. Kujo, the German shepherd, is sitting calmly in the back seat.

The dad had been teaching Kujo to defend his daughter and wanted to videotape the results.

As he stands there, the father begins to speak to his daughter as if he were a stranger.

The father directs the camera to the back of the car, where Kujo is sitting. The loyal German shepherd is quietly looking out the back window, but he is ready to act if he needs to.

The father is putting both his daughter and Kujo to the test.

First, the father, dressed as a stranger, asks if he might accompany her inside the car, but the small girl wisely informs him that she is not permitted to be with strangers. When she asks him his father’s name, he is unable to respond appropriately.

Kujo takes immediate action.

Kujo rushes into action immediately as her father reaches inside the van and begs the small girl to accompany him. Before you know it, he’s grasped the arm with his jaws, covered by a cushioned covering, of course, and won’t let go.

A tenacious defense of his accusation.

As the father backs up, Kujo chases him through the car’s window, still connected to the father’s arm. Kujo demonstrates his devotion by refusing to let go of his father’s arm.

Kujo does an excellent job with his training.

Finally, the father begs his daughter to cancel Kujo’s appointment.
The girl shouts out Kujo’s name, signaling him to let go.

She summons Kujo and instructs him to jump back into the car through the window. He obeys and returns to her side, ready to jump into action if necessary.

Kujo exemplifies how dogs are extremely devoted to their family and friends. Many dog breeds, such as the German shepherd, are taught to guard the family and the home. In other circumstances, such as when there is a deep attachment, dogs may not need to be taught to provide protection.

You can see Kujo in action in the video shown below.

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Dad “attacks” his little girl and faithful German Shepherd to see how the dog reacts
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