When a newborn puppy stops breathing, a frightened mom gives CPR and prays for her life

This is a very sad story about a pit bull who was left at the shelter while pregnant.

This greatly upset her and harmed the health of her newborn puppies. The runt of the litter, on the other hand, had it the hardest because he had absolutely no chance of surviving.

When a shelter worker who was checking over the newborn puppies discovered that the runt puppy had stopped breathing completely, she became quite concerned. She quickly began CPR on the animal, and he amazingly survived!

Following this life-threatening experience, the woman decided to take the runt puppy home and care for him. She told the shelter administrators about her decision.

So the girl took her home and called the puppy Guinness . Guinnes was bottle-fed formula many times a day by the woman. The puppy eventually got the strength to continue fi.g.h.t.ing. The woman noticed, however, that the poor baby was unable to utilize his back legs.

Many of the runts who survive have deformities. Guinness began receiving frequent physical therapy from the woman. Her efforts were rewarded when Guinness was able to walk normally again!

After only a few weeks of caring for Guinness, the girl knew she wanted to nurture and maintain him for the rest of her life, so she adopted him. As he grew into a feisty and active puppy, Guinness built an unbreakable bond with his mom. He also made her life better by loving her no matter what.

Guinness is about two years old today, and he has grown into a massive, cuddly Pit Bull! It’s difficult to believe he was once the runt of the litter. We are grateful to this wonderful woman for rescuing and parenting this beautiful dog. This is why every baby deserves a shot at life!

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When a newborn puppy stops breathing, a frightened mom gives CPR and prays for her life
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