A woman demonstrates the impact that adoption can have with before and after photos of a pit bull

Adopting a rescued animal saves a life. It is one of the most amazing things anybody has ever done. You become such a hero to the creature you saved and to the global community of animal rights activists.

If you ever think that you haven’t done enough with your life, adopting a rescue animal can quickly and permanently remove that sensation.

The love you offer to your rescued animal will be returned twice.

Some argue that rescue dogs know how to love better because they have been without it and understand how tough it can be.

Meriah Jae responds to her sister’s decision to adopt a pit bull.

When Meriah Jae’s sister acquired a pit bull from a shelter, the dog underwent an incredible metamorphosis. It really showed how much a loving home for life can change an animal’s life.

Meriah decided to create a collage of “before and after images” to demonstrate how pleased the newly acquired dog had become. This encouraged many individuals to share “before and after” images of their own rescue canines.

Olive is the dog in the photo above. When she was ten years old, the woman with blue hair made a good decision to adopt her. Olive is doing so much better now that she has a loving permanent home. This blue-haired lady is a lifesaver!

That sensation of knowing you’ve discovered your foreverl home.

On the left, a scared puppy is at a shelter, not knowing what to expect next. On the right, a joyful and enthusiastic doggo is about to begin their new life in a loving permanent home. Adopting a rescued animal may make all the difference.

They are about to begin their new life.

Another dog may be seen above on the best automobile journey any shelter animal will ever experience, the one to their new permanent home. Consider the impact of liberty. It’s also a joyful day for the folks involved. After all, their family has expanded by one.

This puppy’s photo on the left is devastating. That is the terrified and anxious expression of a dog that is unsure of what is going to happen next. They lack the affection that a dog requires to be happy. On the right, however, the situation is exactly the reverse.

That is a happy and well-cared-for rescue dog. Consider how happy their owner must be to be responsible for transforming a terrified, tiny animal into one full of delight.

The same Twitter user didn’t post any photos of Beans before they got him, but they did say that he was only a week away from being put down when they got him.

Take a peek at him now. Beans is flying high, impersonating Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic as he rides atop a boat. Beans, congratulations! Congratulations!

Another fantastic ride from the shelter.

Take a look at how delighted Red is! This tiny gentleman has clearly been properly taken care of.

On his trip home from the shelter, you can tell the curious boy is still a little perplexed, maybe questioning if he has truly found his permanent home. The joyous consequence of adopting a shelter dog and lavishing them with all the love they deserve is red on the right.

If you haven’t already, perhaps it’s time to think about adopting a shelter animal.

Check out the video below to see what a big difference adoption can make!

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A woman demonstrates the impact that adoption can have with before and after photos of a pit bull
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