This is the cutest and funniest video you’ll see today! The elephant calf tries to take his first steps, and we can’t stop admiring him

Brendan Cole, a tour guide for a safari in South Africa, took a picture of the beautiful scene with a camera next to the Mala Mala Game Reserve.

A beautiful elephant calf is taking its first steps, and it’s worth it to see. This youngster has shown great resolve to stand on his own, thanks to the support of the herd’s older siblings and sisters.

After a half-hour struggle, the calf was eventually able to stand on his own. The cubs will interrupt everyone’s stroll to allow the young to rest.

Mala Mala Game Reserve shares a 12-mile fence-free boundary with Kruger National Park. It is situated between the Sabi Sand Reserve and the National Park.

According to their website, “the caretakers of this land have assembled for over nine decades to conserve and maintain this specific piece of Africa.”

It lets the animals walk freely in their natural habitat while visitors may see and photograph them from a distance.

Enjoy this heartwarming moment by watching the complete video below.