The pregnant donkey was ready to give birth, but something had happened, and even its owner was surprised…

Donkey twins are very uncommon, with just a handful of pairs known in the whole globe.

When a mother donkey gives birth to two young, one of them usually pe.rishes.

In 2013, however, a farmer in Kerry, Ireland saw a miracle. Tulip, Cormac Williams’ favorite donkey of eight years, had given birth to twin girls, Snow and Flake.

“Having two living twins is a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Williams adds. Tulip was expected around the holidays.

When the farmer came to check on her, he discovered two healthy foals.

Tulip was also born on Williams’ farm and has been with him ever since.

It’s now her girls’ chance to play on the 35-acre property. Donkeys, according to Williams, are excellent pets since they are kind creatures.