This video is heartbreaking! Donkeys cry and pay their final respects to their dead friend

There’s no doubt that animals, like humans, have emotions. In this moving scene, a herd of donkeys expresses their mourning after the tragic de.ath of one of their companions. The anguish, misery, and sorrow they experience when they see their dying companion is awful.

“Bram,” the deceased donkey in this video, was a cherished member of his herd before suffering from a terrible lung condition. The herd detects an evil atmosphere in the air as they witness their caregivers moving Bram’s body on a sheet. They let forth the most heartbreaking tears as they ran to their deceased buddy to wish him goodbye.

The dark brown donkey in this video is the herd’s leader and Bram’s greatest buddy. The bereaved pup is in complete denial as he tenderly prods his paws around Bram’s neck and chews on his abdomen, pleading with him to wake up. The heartbroken herd’s agonizing braying noises even bring its sympathetic caregivers to tears.

When the worried donkeys realize that Bram is no longer alive, they sob even more. Their rite of grieving as they paid their last respects to him broke our hearts to pieces. Rest in peace, pal.

Watch the video below to see the bereaved donkey herd say a heartfelt goodbye to Bram. Maintain a high volume.