A lion has at.t.a.cked a baby elephant! Watch his mother’s reaction in the video below

This is the moment when an elephant protects her newborn calf from a predator.

Before the King of the Jungle pounces, a lion observes the mom and baby strolling together.

The video was shot just after dusk from an open-air Maruti jeep.

In Samburu National Reserve in Kenya, an elephant called Nablus was strolling with her baby calf when a lion attempted to at.t.a.c.k it. Suddenly, the feline rushes to a.s.s.ault the infant, standing directly behind its mom.

Nablus, a 17-year-old mother elephant, spots the lion coming at tremendous speed and rushes to defend her child.

The lion can be seen fleeing as the mother transports her youngster to a safe location.

The jungle cat runs for the calf, which is just 24 hours old. It is the first time a lion has attempted to at.t.a.ck an elephant calf at the Kenyan reserve.

‘This is the first time lions have been filmed following and a.t.t.a.c.king elephant babies in Samburu National Reserve,’ adds the filmmaker, Matt Brierley.

This elephant is Nablus, from the ‘Biblical Towns’ elephant family, and it is actively observed in Samburu.

View the video below: