The owner of the restaurant prepares meals for homeless dogs every day

Over five years ago, an unusual client contacted Gerardo Ortiz’s restaurant.

It was a stray dog with a hungry expression on her face. When Gerardo Ortiz saw the sad puppy, he wanted to assist her.

While she stood patiently outdoors, Gerardo presented the dog with a complimentary lunch-particularly prepared for her!

This endearing custom has been maintained till the present day.

The hungry dog returned each evening after getting her first meal to enjoy a complimentary dinner from Gerardo’s restaurant.

However, it wasn’t long before more hungry pals arrived at Ajilalo. Before Gerardo realized it, news had gone around the neighborhood that he was feeding stray puppies.

With that initial guest came other dogs, and Gerardo greeted them all with a wonderful lunch.

Every night, a large number of stray dogs come to Ajilalo to get a free meal.

The majority of these canines are habitual “customers,” but some are typically first-timers, hoping that Gerardo’s delicious meal would satisfy their appetites.

When Gerardo sits at his restaurant, he often glances up to see a fresh dog’s new face and the front of his establishment, waiting to see whether the reports about his kindness are real.

“They don’t pay us in money; they pay us in pleasure and wagging tails.”

“They are quite thankful, and we prefer to give rather than receive.” I’ve had a fascination with animals since I was a youngster. My mother instilled in us the importance of helping others, both humans and animals. She is my role model.

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The owner of the restaurant prepares meals for homeless dogs every day
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