Last year, a poor dog was left tied up at the beach, but his life has since changed a lot

Dogs are regarded as people’s best friends! They are very loyal and devoted, and they want to receive love and care from us. But sometimes people can be so nasty  to pets. We’ve heard far too many tales of people leaving their dogs chained up.

But, happily, there are also kind individuals prepared to come forward and offer these sad creatures a second chance. One dog that was left tied to a pole last summer has now found a new home and a wonderful new life.

According to Boston 25 News, the dog, a 50-pound pit bull mix, was discovered last August on the coast of Short Beach in Revere, Massachusetts. The dog was tied to a steel pole and a big rock, making it hard to get away.

This cutie was located in an area of the beach that floods during high tide. The dog would have perished within hours if he hadn’t been discovered.

Luckily, he was discovered and saved in time by onlookers. Meanwhile, after an inquiry, the dog’s previous owner was apprehended and charged with animal c.r.u.elty, claiming he did it because he no longer wanted the dog.

The pit bull mix was taken to a kennel and subsequently to Sweet Paws Rescue, according to the Massachusetts State Police. The department also released an encouraging update to the dog’s tale yesterday.

Bobby Shannon met the dog and they “earned each other’s hearts,” so he decided to adopt him permanently. He gave him the name “Horus” (after the Egyptian deity of the sky).

According to a state police report, Bobby remarked, “He had a hard start in life but is doing well today.” “He is quite clever, is doing well in his training, and enjoys hiking.”

Massachusetts State Police tweeted the wonderful news, pleased that the dog they helped rescue over a year ago had found such a wonderful family, finally providing “comfortable confidence that a future of love and happiness is ahead.”

They wrote, “We can see that he now has a lovely family.”

Thank you, Bobby, for giving this amazing boy a wonderful life. Horus was having a bad day when we discovered him. All of his greatest days are now ahead of him. ”

What a moving conclusion to a tragic tale. We’re overjoyed for Horus, who deserves it after everything he’s gone through.

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Last year, a poor dog was left tied up at the beach, but his life has since changed a lot
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