While going through an airport, a photographer observed something that took his breath away

Dogs are the most wonderful gift that the Almighty has given to us. They are always there for us and do an excellent job when we need them.

The finest illustration of what we just discussed is a video tale that is now trending on social networks.

A photographer was strolling through the Indianapolis International Airport when he observed something that stole his breath away.

Credit: WPTV

He was dozing until he observed a dog protecting his soldier.

The photographer mentioned that it was one of the most moving experiences he had ever had.

A large military squad of 12 people was alleged to be passing through the busy airport. Two of them were military k9s.

Everyone realizes how tough it is to be a soldier since they must guarantee that everyone is secure and healthy.

The troops were caught sleeping on the floor, and the greatest thing is that no one stole their stuff.

Credit: WPTV

Would you ever attempt to take anything from a soldier while traveling with a military dog? I, for one, would not.

The dog was as awake as an owl throughout the little pause, but the military person slept easily on the ground.

The whole thing was recorded on video and posted on social media in a big way, where it got a lot of likes and comments.

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