After a massive fire, a man discovers his neighbor’s dogs and realizes that they are protecting something

Louis Armstrong, a Boise resident, recently traveled to Kamiah, Idaho, to inspect his family’s home after a wildfire raged across the region. The fire has burned 42 houses and around 300 acres.

Luckily, Armstrong’s house was saved from the flames, but the neighboring land and forest were destroyed. He went on a trip near his family’s tree farm when he came upon a tragic scene. Three of his neighbor’s dogs (a mother and her pups) were guarding a deer that had perished in the fire.

Photo credit: Louis Armstrong / Facebook

According to Armstrong, the dogs were attempting to defend the animal. He took a snapshot of the depressing sight before moving on and checking in on the pets throughout the day.

“This one grabbed me in the feelings,” Armstrong commented on Facebook. There has been a lot of devastation and tra.gedy in the Kamiah region, and I discovered this d.e.a.d. deer this morning. This sheep dog and her two puppies arrived an hour later to defend it. They’ve been here for hours and won’t go, barking at anybody who comes close.

The dogs stood guard with the fawn until dusk. Although it is unclear why the dogs safeguarded the life..less deer, it is most probable that the working dogs were doing their job and keeping an eye out for a newborn animal they thought was part of their herd.

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