Stray dog “asks” a guy to follow her somewhere

When dog owners don’t get their dogs sterilized or clean, their unplanned litters are sometimes d.u.m.p.ed. This happens more often in developing countries.

Unwanted puppies are forced to care for themselves or wait for rescue. Two pups were left by no fault of their own in this story.

A farmer who volunteers to rescue animals in his leisure time was out and about, as were youngsters flying kites.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a puppy running about. He was alone and delighted to meet the guy. His tail was wagging furiously.

Finally, the cute dog allows her savior to assist her. What follows is precisely what you’d expect to see! The pups are cared for and also kept until the rescuer can find them permanent homes.

Thank you to all of the selfless pet rescuers out there. Remember that this is a re-enactment. When these creatures are really saved, there is no time for cameras or media events!

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Stray dog “asks” a guy to follow her somewhere
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