The Dalmatian hears screams from the woods and runs to check what is happening

Animals, like humans, and sometimes much more so, have the impulse to defend one another. They sometimes leave us breathless with their compassion and kindness.

Thiago, our Dalmatian companion, rescued another dog a few weeks back.

Thiago is a two-year-old Dalmatian that lives with Rey Caquias, his owner and closest buddy. They met in 2020 and have been inseparable ever since.

Caquias, who lives in Puerto Rico, likes spending time with his four-legged friend, and the two of them seem to get along well.


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However, it seems that they were not destined to be just the two of them for long. Life had previously planned to add another employee to this team.

Rey and Thiago went for a stroll one early February day. Rey observed his dog refusing to go just as it was time to come home. For some reason, he liked to go into the forest.

“He made a shortcut into the woodland.” Caquias told The Dodo, “I began phoning him, but he ignored me.” “At that point, I heard a little bark. Then I took a closer look and saw a really frightened small dog. ”

The doggo had clearly heard the puppy’s feeble yelp and had most likely sniffed him as well. He wanted to help the small, unfortunate creature, so he tried to tell his owner about the young pup.

Rey saw the dog and heard it bark. The animal was terribly skinny, and it was clearly terrified. It was hiding amid the branches, simply trying to live.

But the two buddies felt they couldn’t leave the dog. They had to assist in some way.

Rey’s initial effort to pick up the puppy was not only futile, but it also resulted in blood on his hands, as the terrified dog bit him.

Finally, the guy discovered a box in which to place the left doggy, and it appeared to feel more at peace in there.

Caquias brought his new companion home, gave it a wash, fed it, and took it to the vet.

The puppy seemed to be hungry and upset, but other than that, he seemed to be in good health.

When Rey submitted an update on his TikTok account a few days later, it was clear that the new buddy had gained the required weight and was healthier and happier than before.

What about Thiago and Rey? They just can not get enough of him. They constantly play with him and cherish every minute the three of them have together.

Caquias is quite proud of his Dalmatian for saving the life of a little puppy in his own unique manner.

“I appreciate him,” Caquias stated. “Thiago is a wonderful dog.” I’d never have seen the puppy if he hadn’t found him. “My feeling was one of delight and pride.”

In the video below, Thiago and Rey search for the left dog.

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The Dalmatian hears screams from the woods and runs to check what is happening
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