Kitten Cries After Her Owner Leaves Her Alone At Home

Living alone is quite challenging. It’s much more difficult if the cat is spoiled. One feels it necessary to cry. The similar thing happened to the cat that couldn’t stop crying when her mother left her at home alone.

Ms. Meng chose to pay a visit to her parents over the Chinese Lunar New Year. She considered travelling alone since she was concerned that her fussy cat would not feel at ease in her parents’ house. As a result, she left the 2-year-old British Shorthair for a few days.

When the woman checked on her cat on a CCTV camera, she quickly regretted her decision to leave her alone. When he heard his mother’s voice, the unhappy cat began to weep.

“Do you miss me?” the lady said. In a few days, I’ll return.” The video has since gone viral. In a desperate attempt to contact his mother, the kitten tried to touch the security camera with her small paw.

When the woman noticed her cat’s reaction, she decided to return sooner than expected. She felt guilty and devastated for leaving  her pet alone. The video had gone viral, and the heartbreaking sight of the cat wailing had touched many people’s hearts.

When Ms. Meng saw it, she said she was sad. Her parents had told her she may come early. And when she got home, she took a picture of herself entering the house. The cat’s reaction was incredible. His expression indicated that he couldn’t believe his mother had returned home.

Ms. Meng was concerned about the cat and went her to the veterinarian to ensure that she was in good health. This demonstrates the importance of not leaving our pets alone at home. It’s tough for them to survive without us.

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Kitten Cries After Her Owner Leaves Her Alone At Home
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