The owner “refuses” to share his sandwich with his Great Danes, and their reaction is hilarious(Video)

This Great Dane wants a bite of his father’s lunch and appears irritated when his request is denied. Dinky, the Great Dane, ate lunch but didn’t finish it. So why is he requesting his father’s food?

Ron Cameron wants to settle down and eat his delicious lunch. His dogs, on the other hand, want some of it as well.

Dinky, the Great Dane, especially, will not leave him alone about it.

He jokingly refers to him as “Linda,” ostensibly to make it appear as if he is arguing with his wife.

Ron tries to negotiate with Dinky while holding the sandwich. Dinky, on the other hand, just drowns him out with mumbles and other noises.

Dinky is desperate for lunch.

No matter how hard he tries, Ron can’t seem to get his message through. I suppose a Great Dane’s appetite is comparable to that of a dog, no?

“You didn’t even finish your meal!” Dinky is explained to Ron.

The Great Dane looks a lot like a kid. They won’t even eat what’s on their plate before demanding something better. He’s even asking for Ron’s meals.

“I love you, but this is mine,” Ron tells Dinky.

“No, this is my property.” He says, “You had yours!”

The words enter one ear and exit the other. Dinky really, really wants that sandwich. He doesn’t seem to be going until he takes a mouthful.

Sniffle after whisper, whimper after whimper, howl after howl—Dinky isn’t staying silent. That chunk of beef sandwiched between two pieces of bread is just too appealing to him.

The Germans raised Great Danes to fulfill the role of a boarhound. Whether that’s the case or not, I’m curious if Ron’s sandwich has ham (or bacon, even). It would clarify a lot.

He grumbles and growls some more, hoping that it would get him closer to devouring it.

“Do you want mine now?” Ron inquires about Dinky. It’s amazing how this Great Dane got so big while being such a fussy eater. Was he simply snacking on sandwiches and table meals the whole time?

Having a finicky eater in the family is difficult enough. Imagine if that finicky eater was a giant dog with a larger appetite than a human.

Just keep an eye on your pizzas and sandwiches at all times.
Romeo, Ron’s second Great Dane, seems to be interested as well. Now Ron has to eat his lunch as two enormous dogs beg for a mouthful. Some of the video’s comments make it extra hilarious.

“After listening carefully to all sides, I have to say that the dog does raise some valid concerns.”

“It doesn’t matter how large the bite is as long as they feel like they’re a part of the sandwich event.”

I can understand why Ron isn’t sharing after seeing how much a single “bite” from a Great Dane costs.

For someone such as Romeo or Dinky, a complete supper would be just a mouthful or two. Is this something he does every time he fixes himself a snack?

Dinky’s 2-and-a-half-minute plea for Ron’s sandwich has been seen by about 7 million people. It’s rather entertaining, so I recommend you watch it as well.

Dinky’s comically enormous temper tantrum may be seen in the video below!

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The owner “refuses” to share his sandwich with his Great Danes, and their reaction is hilarious(Video)
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