A 16-year-old girl puts her life in danger to rescue a horse

A Maryland teen is being hailed as a hero after she used her quick thinking to save a runaway horse from a deadly roadway. The 16-year-old girl observed the escaping horse before appearing in an exhibition horse show. She saved the horse and transferred it to a safe spot. The rescue was filmed!

As Caroline Shoults and Tinkerbell prepared for the riding contest to begin, a horse dashed from De Novo Farms in Anne Arundel County, dashing straight onto a busy roadway. The little girl wanted to help the fleeing horse because she realized how dangerous he was. Julia Young, a 13-year-old bystander, captured the scene on her phone. Jeanette Newland then shared the video on Facebook, where it rapidly went viral.

FB/Caroline Shoults

“At our first horse show, we were in our barnyard family when we watched another horse break free from her tether and go off,” Jeanette Newland said. “A courageous 16-year-old getting ready to participate stopped to assist in an attempt to grab her” when she turned and ran from him.

Caroline and Tinkerbell pursued the horse for over three kilometers down the road. Other cars joined the rescue attempt during this time. They were carefully following the horses to keep other cars at a safe distance from them.

FB/Caroline Shoults

“Finally, after around 3 kilometers and with everyone quite tired, I was able to take her onto the roadway shoulder and into the grass,” Caroline posted on Facebook. “I jumped down and looped the lead wire over her neck, then waited for everybody to approach us, the horse trailer dragging behind them.”

“The only thing that kept me sane was just talking to my horse.” “I couldn’t precisely say I was afraid,” said the outstanding youngster on FOX 5. To put it another way, “I simply wasn’t scared because I was so focused on a happy ending, particularly in that situation.”

Luckily, Ice, the fugitive horse, was returned safely to the stables, and no one was hurt! Regardless, it was an unforgettable day for everyone involved.

FB/Caroline Shoults

Despite the heavy traffic, “she maintained her cool and helped to keep the horse safe until she wore herself out,” according to Jeanette Newland of the news site. “It was quite stressful.” What a wonderful time we had together! I’m simply thankful that everyone involved, including horses and people, is safe.

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A 16-year-old girl puts her life in danger to rescue a horse
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