The breathtaking sight of humpback whales feeding together

With its massive jaw, you’d assume a humpback whale could consume everything in its path with ease. However, as the video below shows, even the world’s biggest creatures have their own set of feeding habits. The film, which National Geographic put out in July 2014, has a lot of fans because of how scary and amazing it is.

Humpback whales employ a bubble net feeding method to capture massive schools of fish. Despite the fact that whales may do this feat on their own, they generally work together to put on a display. This is echoed in the video’s description of whales: Whales start looking for fish by diving deeper and blowing bubbles out of their blowhole as they swim in a circle.

The fish are driven to swim higher while the other whales move in unison toward the prey. The whales are now swarming towards the fish, which are now enclosed in the “bubble net.” It’s not only a wonderful alternative for mass feeding, but it’s also a beautiful sight. And it seems like the seagulls will be getting some as well!

According to For Whales, when humpback whales travel to colder areas, such as the one seen in the video below, they tend to consume tremendous quantities of food since they don’t eat in the more temperate regions of their range. A humpback whale’s daily food consumption might exceed 3,000 pounds. That’s an excellent starting point.

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The breathtaking sight of humpback whales feeding together
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