Emotional moment! The devoted stray dog bids farewell to his beloved teacher

Dogs are the most loving pets for many of us. This is also true for stray dogs who live in rough places and might not fully understand what love is.

It is undeniably sad to know afterwards that we may have met someone we had just seen for the last time, as demonstrated in the story when Buboy sees his pal.

His pal was a very valuable person to him. For four years, Professor Carmelito Marcelo of Mabalacat City College in Pampanga, Philippines, watched after a dog called Buboy. He was kind to him, feeding him every day, and they became friends.

He is the one who often feeds and entertains Buboy. And although he couldn’t adopt Buboy, they were excellent school buddies. Buboy is constantly on the lookout for his companion and is always at his side. On the other hand, Professor Carmelito Marcelo is always fascinated by and likes Buboy.

Professor Carmelito Marcelo, 58, passed away on May 18 after having a stroke, shocking everyone, even his dog Buboy. For the last two weeks, the faithful dog has been attending school every morning, anxious to see the instructor. Buboy’s behavior moved Carmelito’s pupils, who decided to transport the dog to the chapel where the teacher’s corpse is being housed.

Buboy bent over Marcelo’s coffin to say his last goodbye before collapsing on the ground, never leaving Marcelo’s side. Mark Christian Arceo, a student who captured the event on camera and film, uploaded it on social media with the caption: “A dog is the only thing on the planet that likes you more than he loves himself.” –Josh Billings.

“It’s difficult to see the dog wait for his companion,” Mark said. He is unaware that his beloved buddy has left. ”

“Everyone has volunteered to assist with Buboy’s feeding.” The staff at Mabalacat City College said they now want to help Buboy find a new place to live.

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Emotional moment! The devoted stray dog bids farewell to his beloved teacher
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