The traveler has died beside his beloved dog! Here is what happened

A Brazilian man and his devoted canine travel companion were tragically d.i.e.d in an auto accident just days before finishing a once-in-a-lifetime road trip.

Jesse Kozechen, a self-proclaimed traveller and Instagram influencer, was 29 years old at the time of the accident. He and his Golden Retriever, Shurastey, passed away instantly.

The daring couple was reaching the end of a longtime dream: driving across the United States from Brazil to Alaska. The two had just finished packing up camp in Oregon and were about to travel into Canada when the disaster occurred. The journey was dubbed “Shurastey or Shuaigow,” a pun on “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

The couple was camping in a “pop-up” tent affixed to the top of their 1978 Volkswagen Beetle. The two had tried this journey earlier, but their intentions were thwarted owing to border entrance restrictions during the commencement of the COVID-19 epidemic. According to all accounts, these two wandering souls were meant to roam the globe together. According to Kozechen’s relatives, Shurastey loved Jesse, and the feeling was reciprocal.

When Kozechen tried to overtake a line of stopped automobiles, he crashed. Instead, he unintentionally drifted into moving cars and crashed into a Ford Escape carrying a mother and a toddler. According to all reports, the driver is presently hospitalized but is expected to recover completely. There were no injuries to the youngster.

Kozechen and Shurastey were instantaneously slain, and images shot at the site show their notorious Volkwagen totally demolished. Despite how awful the event was for everyone concerned, Kozechen’s friends and family believe that the couple crossing the rainbow bridge together was a fitting homage to their friendship.

In an Instagram post, Kozechen described Shurastey as “my closest friend, my partner, and my best company. Without you, I would be too lonely to exist in this world. It is fortunate for me to be able to feel the love behind your eyes when you gaze back at me!”

Members of Kozechen’s neighborhood have shown the family love and support in a variety of ways. Some have left kind remarks on the couple’s Instagram account or contributed money to the family to cover funeral expenses. Others have made lovely pieces of art picturing the two as they will be remembered: as adventurous pals until the end.

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The traveler has died beside his beloved dog! Here is what happened
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