This is an excellent illustration of a dog’s devotion! Here’s how a dog saved her human mother’s life

There is no question that dogs are very loyal creatures. They repeatedly demonstrate their devotion and dedication to their humans. A picture of a service dog laying on a hospital bed with its human mother is gaining popularity these days. The attachment between the mother and the puppy became quite deep when Shauna Darcy chose to acquire a dog to help her deal with anxiety.

She made a wise choice when she adopted Ruby, who proved to be more than just a service dog for her. Ruby is a genuine friend to Shauna. The adorable puppy and Shauna are a perfect match. Ruby was a service dog, but she began picking up on variations in her heart rate and acting strangely, according to Shauna. The dog would paw at her in an attempt to get her attention.

Shauna considers Ruby to be more than just a dog. She was like a guardian angel, always defending her mother.

Ruby was keeping an eye on Shauna’s blood pressure and pulse rate. She also had vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which is an uncommon heart ailment. Aside from that, she keeps her mother company throughout her panic episodes.

According to Shauna, anytime she was unconscious, the dog jumped on top of her and started licking her hands and face until she became alert. Ruby literally saved her human’s life when she began to warn Shauna that something was awry.

And although Shauna was feeling well at the moment, she opted to follow the dog’s intuition and call emergency services. It was a good thing she phoned an ambulance since her heart was in atrial fibrillation and she was in agony and barely aware when the paramedics arrived.

Ruby was the one who saved Shauna’s life. Ruby was not prepared to leave her owner’s bed, even in the hospital. According to Shauna, she was only alive because of Ruby. Yes, the dog was incredibly exceptional and faithful since she saved her human mother’s life.

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This is an excellent illustration of a dog’s devotion! Here’s how a dog saved her human mother’s life
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