When they found a box at the shelter’s doorway with a nasty smell from inside, they opened it and couldn’t believe their eyes

Shelter staff spotted a suspiciously packaged parcel at their entrance. They were taken aback when they heard urgent calls for assistance emanating from inside the box. As they attempted to open the box, they were aware of the awful rotten stink emanating from inside.

The stink came from a being that had crushed their souls into a million pieces. Workers were taken aback when they discovered a live, breathing puppy confined within the box in such a short period of time. Pandora, the dog, was covered with weird wounds and her fur was so matted that she couldn’t move.

To get a closer look at her wounds, the professionals shaved off her fur. They determined the foul odor was not from “infected wounds,” but from large and little bumps all over her body. She was given a cleaning bath before being prepared for the operation.

Pandora had many procedures to remove the additional tumors from her body. The biopsy result later indicated that one of the lumps had become malignant. But, owing to the physicians’ quick steps, Pandora was eventually safe!

Pandora’s loveliness returned quickly. As Pandora healed, her lovely personality shone through. Pandora’s real heroes will always be her carers, who fought against the odds and helped her survive. She was immediately adopted and finally found a great father in her new home! Pandora has had a terrific adventure!

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