The helpless puppy was tossed along the street, with its mouth taped shut

Each day, we hear more about the stories of animals that were left by cru.el owners. Today’s terrible story will undoubtedly make you think carefully before acting.

Today’s hero is a little dog that was thrown on the street with his lips taped shut. It should be noted that the puppy had no idea where to go. As a result, he chased after the owner’s automobile. He hoped until the end that the guy would come to a halt and take him away.

Passers-by observed it and yelled at the guy to halt. But it was in vain. The video quickly became popular on the internet. Many commentators were appalled by the owner’s inhumane and att.acked him with negative feedback. Many people believe that such people should not give animals away if they are unable to properly care for them.

After some time, the dog is currently at a shelter where he is properly cared for. It’s worth noting that this dog was saved. Many more, however, are forced to live on the streets, looking for food and attempting to survive!