The veterinarian opened up about what the animals felt before being euthanized and it had everyone in tears

Dog owners are proud of the attention and affection they lavish on their animal friends. They will go out of their way to make their dogs happy by providing the best food, toys, and attention. However, when it comes to saying good-by, vets find that many devoted pet owners fail their pets.

Their heartfelt remarks went viral when one cat owner tweeted about a chat she had with her doctor.

Rick is Jessi Dietrich’s cat. She told Bored Panda that her cat almost died last year from a UTI blockage, but an emergency operation saved his life. However, as a consequence of the procedure, he suffers from frequent infections. He’s not in discomfort as a result of them, according to Jessi, but he has to see the vet a couple times a month for routine checkups.

She was chatting with Rick’s veterinarian one day when she asked him what the most difficult aspect of his job was.

She tweeted his words.

“I asked my veterinarian what the most difficult aspect of his work was, and he stated that when he has to put animals down, 90 percent of the owners don’t want to be in the area when he injects them.” So the animal’s last hours are frequently spent feverishly searching for their owners, and to be honest, it devastated me. ” Jessi

“As a result, regardless of how sad I am, I’m going to be holding my [cat] Rick when his time comes, with all his favourite things and countless ear rubs at the ready.”

“I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s heart; I only wanted to raise awareness!” I’m very sorry.

Since then, more than a hundred thousand people have reposted her devastating PSA. But Jessi’s vet was not the only one who saw the heartbreaking reality.

Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital agreed and shared a post from a veterinarian about leaving dogs alone with strangers.

“It is unavoidable that your pet will pe.rish before you the bulk of the time if you possess a pet.” So, if and when you need to take your pet to the vet for a merciful, painless end, I want you to know something. You’ve been the focus of their universe for their whole lives!

“They may be a member of your family, but they only know you as their family.” There is no denying that it is a tough decision every time, and losing them is painful for us as humans. But please, do not leave them.

“Do not force them to pass from life to d.eath in a room full of strangers in a location they despise.” The thing most of you don’t realize is that they search for you when you leave them behind! ”

Justuss227 also responded to Jessi’s tweet by saying what happens at her clinic, which seems like a more sensitive way to handle the situation.

“I work as a technician in a veterinary clinic.” I’d guess that 80% of owners want to be there! However, we give them an injection to make them sleepy so that the shift is as seamless as possible. When owners do not want to be there for the actual euthanasia, they remain for the sedative so that they may be with their pets until they fall asleep. It makes everything so serene (or as pleasant as it can be). ”

“It hurts my heart when the families leave,” she said, “but when they do, we have the doctor and a couple of technicians in the room talking to them and ensuring they are loved when they depart.”

It’s heartbreaking what they convey, but they are statements that every pet owner should remember.

Share their messages with your friends and family so that they may recall them when the time comes.

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The veterinarian opened up about what the animals felt before being euthanized and it had everyone in tears
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