The dog mysteriously passed away after disappearing with the pet sitter

Deciding to leave a pet with a new sitter might be upsetting, but there is typically nothing to be concerned about. However, nightmares do happen from time to time when irresponsible pet sitters get access to pets.

Diego Chaves believed he was doing the right thing when he left his Goldendoodle, Mac, with a “professional sitter.” However, it turns out that he should have done a bit more investigation beforehand. The sitter was not who she claimed to be, and Mac became disoriented and di.ed as a result of her activities. It’s unknown what occurred, but Mac ought to be punished.

Image: Diego Chaves Facebook

Chaves and his girlfriend needed to leave town for a few days, so they hired a pet sitter from a neighboring New Jersey high-rise. The sitter’s name was “Alyssa,” and Chaves said that there were no red signals at first. She was very caring and loving at first sight.

Alyssa first gave updates to the couple, so Chaves could rest knowing Mac was safe. But when he came to pick up Mac on the Fourth of July, things went from bad to worse. Despite promising to meet him in 15 minutes, Alyssa never arrived at the agreed-upon location. Chaves had been ghosted for many hours before understanding it.

Image: @poshpetservice/Facebook

Alyssa then sent Chaves an email describing the issue a day later. She said Mac bolted when she was taking off another dog, and her phone cracked in the process. She hadn’t emailed straight away since she hoped to locate Mac first. Chaves is skeptical of the narrative since she never reported Mac missing. He never heard from her again after that.

So Chaves decided to conduct some further investigation on “Alyssa.” As it turned out, numerous other individuals had similar experiences with her leaving their pets and failing to react to SMS messages. Her true name is also supposed to be “Micaela,” but she has gone by many other aliases. Not only was Chaves’ dog gone, but so was the pet sitter.

Image: Diego Chaves Facebook

The night after Mac went missing, Chaves got a phone call from a neighboring veterinarian, informing her that the puppy had been discovered. So Chaves raced to the doctor to visit his beloved dog, but Mac did not survive. It’s unknown what happened to the puppy, but Chaves is desperate for answers. He does not, however, want his fans to harass the sitter, particularly because they do not have all of the details.

“After running down to the vet, we were told that Mac had sadly died.” Please do not interpret this as an invitation to criticize or harm the sitter. For the time being, we only beg for space to grieve the de.ath of our Mac, “Chaves said on Facebook.” “Once again, I cannot thank everyone enough for all of their aid and support, and we apologize for not being able to provide positive news.”

Image: Diego Chaves Facebook

The Jersey City Police Department is investigating, but Alyssa /Micaela have yet to be found. In New Jersey, she owns and operates Posh Pet Service. This tale, perhaps, will educate dog owners to do an adequate investigation before leaving their furry buddy alone with a stranger.

Mac, rest in peace.

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The dog mysteriously passed away after disappearing with the pet sitter
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