Dog discovers something near the ocean and refuses to move until the owner approaches

Always keep an eye on your dog. That is most likely what a guy strolling along a beach in the British Isles is reminding himself of these days. As he and his Cocker Spaniel strolled along, something caught the clever pooch’s sight and smell. The dog ran over to look inside it.

Although the “something” at the water’s edge piqued the dog’s curiosity, his owner repeatedly called to him. The dog refused to return since he was adamant about alerting the owners to his discovery near the water.

Finally, the guy dashed over to the lake to see what all the excitement was about. His faithful dog discovered a newborn dolphin stranded on the beach.

It is incredible that the dog found the little aquatic animal. The guy was able to scoop him up and carefully set him back in the water. He also recorded video, so you can see the incredible rescue.