Video! Tourists Capture An Amazing Moment When Whale ‘Blows’ A Rainbow

This is the breathtaking moment a couple of whales approach a group of tourists who are ‘blowing rainbows’ into the air.

This group of travelers in Lahaina, Hawaii, is in for a great surprise when they return to the beach after a day of scuba diving. To welcome them return, several curious humpback whales swim alongside their boat.

The huge mammals suddenly burst from the water’s surface, spurting air from their blowholes, producing a magnificent rainbow over their heads, as if being barely inches close from these extraordinary creatures wasn’t enough.

To the delight of the visitors, the humpback couple performs the remarkable feat many times, with distinct hues of red, orange, yellow, and green held in mid-air by the water mist made by the whales.

“It was great to get so close to such a fascinating creature,” remarked Greg Gallent of New York.

The whales were 300 feet distant at first, then they progressively got closer until they were right next to the ship.

“I was able to really appreciate the size and beauty of these magnificent animals.”

We were totally taken aback and thought things couldn’t get much better until they started shooting rainbows into the air.

“It’s the most amazing and captivating sight I’ve ever seen; we couldn’t believe our eyes.”

“I consider myself quite fortunate to have been there and observed it.”

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Video! Tourists Capture An Amazing Moment When Whale ‘Blows’ A Rainbow
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