Dog “informs” the shop managers that he has been dognapped! Here is how he did it

You can’t talk to animals unless you’re Dr. Dolittle, but they do learn how to interact. A lovely five-month-old Australian shepherd named Vango accomplished just that, rescuing himself from the clutches of dognappers. The wise dog entered a shop with his dognappers, and the four-footer intelligently informed the store owners that something was wrong.


It all occurred in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, inside an animal shop. Vango continued barking and demanding the attention of the business owner.

At Au Royaume des Animaux, Yves Jodoin works in the store and also trains dogs.He clearly knew a lot about dog behavior and was able to tell right away that something was wrong.

Yves first assumed that the four-footer was hungry and barking in anticipation of a reward. When Vango continued to bark after receiving a biscuit, Yves became more suspicious.


“The dog was barking, prodding, and he definitely needed my attention,” CBC Canada staffer and dog trainer Yves Jodoin said. “I was feeding the dog biscuits, but the dog continued to bark.”

When the couple who had brought Vance into the shop couldn’t even answer basic questions about the dog, a staff member started piecing things together.


Suspicions began to emerge, and as Yves began to ask more and more important questions about the dog, things only worsened. The couple had no idea how old he was, if he had been sterilized, what sort of food he liked, where he came from, or how much they paid for him.

“They were dodging the questions,” remembers the guy.

Fortunately, another member of staff, Lydia Blouin, recognized something was wrong as well. Lydia searched local social media platforms for information about lost dogs. It wasn’t long until they saw Vango’s photo online, since he had been reported missing. The dog was last spotted at home in Buckingham, barely a few hours before arriving at the business.


Yves suddenly had an epiphany: he already knew Vango since he had taught him when he was a puppy!

“At that time, I called out, ‘Vango, come!'” And the dog was responding by leaping, “said the dog trainer. “He was barking and prodding the whole time, trying to say, ‘Hello, I’m not the dog they think I am.'”

The couple had no option but to admit that it was not their dog. They claimed to have discovered Vango in the woods and wanted to retain him as a support animal for the lady, who couldn’t afford a dog and was in ill condition. The lady at issue was obviously busted, and Yves persuaded her to leave the animal at the shop.

The employee then phoned Vango’s true owner, Josée Francoeur.


Vango’s true owner was taken aback since she knew her dog wouldn’t simply go away on his own. Vango was in the enclosed yard one second, and then he was gone the next.

“Is it conceivable that someone stole him?” And I was wondering to myself, ‘Who could do that?’ It’s not feasible! ”

The phone call from Yves came as a huge relief.

“I can’t speak about it without breaking down,” she said. “Imagine if those individuals hadn’t gone to that pet shop. I’d have lost my puppy for good.”

Vango was not microchipped, but Josée had previously scheduled an appointment to get it done in order to avoid such incidents in the future.


She made an official complaint with the local police station about the dognappers.

“I don’t want to give them any trouble.” We have no idea why they did that. But they also kidnapped my baby, “the owner said. “I’d want to dissuade others from doing the same.”

Thanks to his cunning actions, Vango is back in the hands of his adoring owner. What a wise dog!

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Dog “informs” the shop managers that he has been dognapped! Here is how he did it
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