When removing the socks of a dog’s injured legs, rescuers were brought to tears

The owner of a garage in Huddersfield was looking through CCTV video when he saw an unwell and underweight dog. One of the dog’s backward paws was broken, while the other three were bound together with black stockings. The guy quickly called the local RSPCA to report that the dog was limping hopelessly.

When cops spotted the dog, they realized that his health was even worse than anticipated. She had been famished for weeks, since all of her bones had begun to fall out. Her previous caretakers tied her socks in knots to hide the blisters on her skin that were caused by not being cared for.

Susie, the dog, needed anesthesia to have the agonizing stockings removed from her limbs. But while doctors at the Greater Manchester Animal Hospital in Salford healed her injuries, she quickly became a legend. Sadly, Susie’s fractured leg began to mend incorrectly and must now be amputated.

Susie was not microchipped, and no information about her prior owners is available. Her caregivers are now concentrating on her weight loss and are hopeful that she will gain weight in the coming weeks. She has been quarantined until she is free of infectious mange and ringworm. She is still in danger, but veterinarians are optimistic that she will recover shortly. Susie is in our thoughts and prayers.

Susie’s whole experience is told in the video below!

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When removing the socks of a dog’s injured legs, rescuers were brought to tears
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