A couple adopts a dog without first meeting him, and when they first see him, they have the best reaction

Every day, several dogs are put in high-ki.l.l shelters with little possibility of adoption, so Tracy Whyatt stepped in and determined to assist. Tracy pursued her passion for protecting unwanted dogs and founded Tracy’s Dogs.

Tracy and her husband, Scott, transport dogs from overcrowded death shelters in a 32-foot trailer to other states in search of permanent homes. They’ve teamed up with PetSmart to serve as a meeting point for the dogs and their new owners.

As you can expect, the first time the owners meet their new puppies is both beautiful and heartbreaking. As the door swings wide, everyone rushes around the trailer, and the tears begin to pour. Dogs, welcome to your new life!

Tracy and Scott have adopted out over 3,700 pets since establishing their business! Most of these dogs would not have lived if it hadn’t been for them. They’re doing a fantastic job here, and Tracy’s Dogs deserve all the praise they can receive!