A lonely dog was discovered tied to a bench with a sad message next to him

The love we have for others often necessitates many sacrifices, and this youngster was willing to give up everything for his puppy in order to ensure his safety and affection. This Mexican youngster couldn’t bear the thought of his beloved Golden Retriever being mistreated by his family, so he grabbed the poor dog and tied him to a park bench, hoping that a compassionate person would adopt him. He also placed a message next to the dog to encourage his difficult choice.

When some residents saw the terrified dog, they phoned for help, but not before bringing him water and food. Marcela Goldberg and Azul Galindo from the animal protection organization Mascotas Coyoacan came within minutes.

“Several neighbors came together and gave him water and food since they had left him chained to the bench with nothing,” Marcela told The Dodo. However, they couldn’t go near since the puppy was terrified.

A message was also found near to the bound dog by the rescue crew. The original Spanish note reads:

“Hello, Max. Please adopt me. ” I respectfully request that you adopt and care for this adorable puppy. It hurts a lot to leave my dog here, but I took the choice to leave him since my family used to abuse him and seeing him in that state always saddened me. If you’re reading this and your heart is fluttering, please adopt and care for him. If not, please replace it with this remark. Others will be able to read it and adopt him as a result. Thank you very much. ”

Even though he was afraid and bewildered at first, the 8-month-old dog calmed down after he understood the rescuers’ motives were good. After Marcela succeeded in cutting his chain, his attitude shifted dramatically. The lonely dog was subsequently transported to Mascotas Coyoacan, where it is being cared for. More than that, he’s no longer known as Max, but Boston, and he’s now looking for a loving family to adopt him.

“He will no longer be known as Max, as his name appears in the message,” the rescue organization posted on Facebook. “From now on, it’ll be all love in Boston, because he’s a darling.”

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A lonely dog was discovered tied to a bench with a sad message next to him
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