When a stray dog notices that rescuers are there to assist her, she calls her other friend

It’s sad to consider that someone would leave even one dog on the streets, much less two.

So when we heard about a German Shepherd that was first considered to be alone but was really living in the woods with another dog, we were devastated for the two puppies.

While it was unclear if the companions had been left by the same human or not, it was evident that one would not go without the other.

Luckily, there is a good outcome since both canines were rescued together and will not be placed in foster care. But, of course, they would only enter a household that embraced both of them.

When Judy Obregon, who runs the animal charity The Abandoned Ones (TAO), heard that a homeless German Shepherd was living among the trees in Echo Lake Park in Fort Worth, Texas, she went there to find her. When she got there, she knew right away that she would be hard to catch.

Judy wasn’t ready to give up since the puppy was incredibly frightened and would flee if anybody went too near to her, and she knew time was of the essence.

“I felt it was critical to catch her,” Judy wrote. “Gaining trust started with watching her every action.”

Judy returned to the dog every day, hoping that she would become used to her presence.

She always brought food and water with her in the hopes that the scared dog would trust her and give her what she needed to stay healthy.

Judy’s efforts eventually started to bear fruit.

“At first, she’d flee when she spotted my vehicle.” Judy remembered. “I’d go to feed her every morning before sunlight—when she started waiting, I knew we were getting close.”

Judy could eventually prepare to take the dog to the protection of her rescue facility, but the German Shepherd had a surprise in store for her just as she was ready to make her rescue.

Now that Judy had won her trust, the dog believed it was safe to introduce her to her closest friend: a terrified pit bull with scars covering his face.

The two were clearly attached, and the courageous German Shepherd had waited until Judy had shown that she wouldn’t hurt them before bringing out her companion. Judy now had to make room in her vehicle for yet another puppy!

“She made it clear: if you take me, you also take my buddy!” Judy stated.

Because the region was widely known for dog dumping, it was uncertain if the two canines had been left together.

But one thing was certain: these two had become the best of friends overnight.

Judy named the German Shepherd Iris and the Pit Bull Clover, and she rescued them both on the same day.

Both swiftly healed in her care and are now ready to be fostered—together, of course. They’ll get a second chance at life thanks to Judy.

“I said the same thing to her every day so she would recognize my voice and believe that one day her life would change,” Judy said. “It’s all so wonderful when we can turn their dread into a grin.”

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When a stray dog notices that rescuers are there to assist her, she calls her other friend
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