The helpless dog was writhing in pain, pleading with people to save her after the fight had broken out…

This is a story about a sad puppy that was severely hurt.

She has a front limb malformation that no one knows whether she got it from another dog or if she was born with it.

Luckily, a local vet responded immediately after being summoned by a nice individual who noticed the puppy. The doctor saw that her condition was critical since she couldn’t stand on her own and couldn’t even bear weight on her legs. The veterans’ hearts were devastated, but they still had hope.

They gave her a warm bottle of puppy formula as well as medications to prevent infection and pain relievers. She has become stronger in a few days and can already sit by herself! The robust young girl will be placed in a foster family to get medical care and physical therapy. We hope she will be able to walk on her own shortly. What a sweetie.

Here is the video!