A woman witnesses a scared dog being hauled by its owner into a death shelter, and his reaction will break your heart…

Our dogs are much more intelligent than we give them credit for. Sometimes they have a complete understanding of the situation and can feel what is going on. “Wait a minute, you’re not bringing me to the park; you’re taking me to the vet!”

Ann Flores saw a terrible example of this when visiting the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas, with a friend recently. She went there because a friend wanted to adopt a dog, but before they got there, she observed a lady physically carrying her dog from the parking lot to the shelter entrance. This dog was plainly aware that he was being left and refused to go.

Flores told The Dodo, “He rested on his back and immediately turned over.” “It was almost as if he was pleading, ‘Please don’t bring me in here.'”

Surprisingly, another lady in the parking lot was doing the exact same thing with a second dog. Flores photographed the heartbreaking moments and was enraged by the women’s responses to their poor dogs’ apparent anguish. Flores said, “They were both tugging, but the dogs wouldn’t budge.” They had to lift them up because they refused to move. “They’d never step in there.”

They didn’t give a damn. Because the dogs wouldn’t move, they were simply laughing and giggling. It was like tossing garbage away at them. There was no sorrow at all. ”

Flores sent the video to Harris County Animal Volunteers, which works to rehome shelter dogs and cats. It was posted with a request for aid for the canines, Truman and Mandi. Time was of the essence since the shelter was full and they faced euthanasia within days if no foster home could be located.

Fortunately, the petition to assist the abandoned puppies was successful, and Truman and Mandi have now found new homes. Even though it’s hard for both of them to get over their terrible pasts, Truman and Mandi are making big strides and are now getting all the love and care they so desperately need.