A courageous dog plunges into a lake to rescue a drowning cat (Video)

We’ve all experienced a dog’s generosity at least once. These wonderful animals are always willing to risk their own lives to save others. This time, a brave pooch was seen on video rescuing a helpless kitten from drowning. Even though the touching video is just 15 seconds long, it is more than enough to demonstrate to the world that dogs are nothing short of real-life heroes!

It’s unclear how the little black and white cat landed itself in the midst of this, but one thing’s for certain: with a dog around, things just became a lot simpler for the struggling cat. But, tragically, we fail to see that, while at least one person was looking (the one who captured the scene on tape), a dog saved the day and the cat’s life!

Watch the lovely moment in the video below!

Though a dog rescuing a drowning cat from a lake seems miraculous, it’s not the first time something similar has been seen on video. A video of a little dog rescuing a kitten from a bay became popular online a few years ago, garnering millions of views. You may see the scene here:

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A courageous dog plunges into a lake to rescue a drowning cat (Video)
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