Cat Helps Blind Dog to See Where He is Going

It may seem as a cliche, but we could all use some support from our friends from time to time. We have our BFFs on fast dial to help us solve life’s most difficult issues. After all, who could help us figure out which shoes to wear that are appropriate for the weather and our outfits, or how to reply to a particularly cryptic text message from a significant other?

Perhaps there are some other, more serious situations with which they can support, but we know we can rely on them at all times.

And it’s not only human friends who are prepared to give a helping hand; animals are just as eager to support a friend in need. This video’s cat and dog combo is a fantastic demonstration of the power of friendship.

This small puppy is blind and needs help in returning home, so the cat steps in to keep him on track. This is a real friendship.


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Cat Helps Blind Dog to See Where He is Going
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