A Poor Baby Fox is Rescued and Returned to His Mom

Sometimes newborns feel confused and frightened. The same happened with this little newborn fox spotted in a home’s garden.

The infant cried  when separated from his mother. Lucky for us, the baby was saved and reunited with his mother, making this a happy ending.

A family in Virginia noticed a newborn fox in their garden, but he was alone. They phoned the Animal Welfare League of Arlington for assistance while the infant cried.

The Animal Welfare said that a local resident reported hearing a little scream from the garden and discovering a newborn fox alone and missing its mother.

Sgt. Ballena and Officer Elpers arrives right after. They examined the tiny fox and were pleased with its condition.

The baby was awake, hydrated, and full. In order to save the newborn fox, the rescuers thought of reconnecting him with his mother.

They expected the mother to be there. So they found a solution. They put the baby in a basket and placed it where the mother might readily find it. They left the basket where the infant was found.

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A Poor Baby Fox is Rescued and Returned to His Mom
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